Rupture Disk Devices

BS&B provides application choices with the industry leading range of reverse buckling, forward acting (tension loaded), and graphite rupture disk devices. Our broad experience allows us to manufacture specialty designs for overpressure or vacuum protection with flanged, threaded or sanitary/aseptic connections.

All-round protection with rupture disks

Safety valves and rupture disks are the two most common safeguards when it comes to overpressure, underpressure and vacuum protection in industrial plants and pressurized equipment. When using rupture disks correctly, personnel, piping, vessels, and equipment are protected along with an important contribution to the environment. If there is a pressure problem, a well specified rupture disk (called bursting disc by some) can react at a defined predetermined breaking point and mitigate the risk.

Bursting discs & high expectations

Due to the growth of industrial applications, the demand for rupture disks is increasing. Rupture discs have a precise opening behavior and therefore offer a particularly high level of pressure safety. Recognizing key user provided application conditions such as pressure cycling, process temperature fluctuations, and vacuum or back pressure conditions, the BS&B range of rupture disk technology is matched to the operating conditions to optimize performance expectations. Due to ever-advancing technology, the performance limits of BS&B rupture disk technology is always being extended. In respect to global quality standards, BS&B rupture disk products are manufactured in eight ISO9001 certified facilities located in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

Large selection of rupture disks

There are bursting discs for numerous areas of industry, including energy technology, chemistry, petrochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors along with the many equipment manufacturers who support each these industrial sectors. The variety of rupture disks is as large as the range of industries that BS&B supports. Each area of application is satisfied by specific rupture disk product design and performance features. At the heart of BS&B’s capabilities are reverse buckling disks, tension loaded disks, rupture disks for sanitary service, rupture disks for both overpressure and vacuum protection, graphite bursting discs, bursting discs to protect atmospheric pressure vessels. With their matching holder or safety head device into which the rupture disk is installed, the best performance is achieved. Rupture disks and holders are often integrated into an assembly to provide an ‘out of the box / ready to use’ safety device. Find the rupture disk you need for your application with BS&B - submit your inquiry directly using our contact form or engage with us through our online chat service.