Pressure Safety Management for Power Generation Industries

BS&B has a long history in the power generation industry, especially in supplying equipment for power station turbine halls, geothermal steam fields, solar/molten salt power generation, transformer, and switch gear manufacturers. Typical applications where BS&B products are found include: turbine condensers, steam lines, SF6 switch gear, transformers, coal elevators and conveyors and molten salt loops. BS&B prides itself on developing custom solutions for novel applications in power generation whether it be geothermal solar, hydrogen, nuclear, or hydrocarbon, (oil, gas, or coal).


Pressure Relief Equipment available from BS&B:

Asset Protection for the Power Generation Industry

Global producers of fine chemical and bio processing rely on BS&B to protect vessels and other capital equipment from dangerous and damaging over pressurization. BS&B manufactures rupture disk devices that are designed to burst open and safely relieve overpressure conditions when the line or vessel reaches a pre-determined pressure and temperature. Rupture disks provide both primary and secondary relief. Disks can be used in combination with pressure-relief valves to prevent leakage and protect relief-Valve Seats from potential exposure to corrosive and sticky substances.

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