Pressure Safety Management for the Food & Beverage Industries

BS&B has a long history in the Food and Beverage Industries, especially in explosion protection equipment for solids handling of cereal dry/foodstuffs, together with a myriad of liquid and gas phase applications. Typical applications where BS&B products are found include: milling and grinding, fermentation, process skids, reactors, pressure vessels, elevators, dryers, pneumatic conveying, homogenizers and autoclaves.

Pressure Relief Equipment available from BS&B:

Over Pressure Protection for the Food & Beverage Industries

Global producers of fine chemical and bio processing rely on BS&B to protect vessels and other capital equipment from dangerous and damaging over pressurization. BS&B manufactures rupture disk devices that are designed to burst open and safely relieve overpressure conditions when the line or vessel reaches a pre-determined pressure and temperature. Rupture disks provide both primary and secondary relief. Disks can be used in combination with pressure-relief valves to prevent leakage and protect relief-Valve Seats from potential exposure to corrosive and sticky substances.

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